Teer result ckekeing 

Hello guys in this article I am going to show you, how to cheke teer results khanapara, shillong and jowai in your smart phone. Let's get started.

We are also provide teer result here you can ckeke khanapara teer result, shillong teer result, teer result juwai. 

Time of teer results 

Shillong teer results time _Shillong teer start ticket from 9AM to 2PM. And find the results time is, First run(F/R-04:15PM) Second run (S/R-05:15PM)

Khanapara teer results time _Khanapara teer selling the tickets morning 9AM to 2PM. Results time is First run(F/R-03:45PM) Second run (S/R-04:30PM). 

Juwai teer result time _first run(FR-03:30PM)Second run

Normally teer results ckekeing step 

STEP 1: On your mobile internet connection (mobile data).
Cheke teer results

STEP 2: oppen any browser or home screen Google search box.
Cheke teer results

STEP 3: Type teer results or khanapara teer results, shillong teer results, juwai teer result. What you want type there and pless search bottom.

Cheke teer results

STEP 4: Click the show link below on first page all link BELOW click any one link.
Cheke teer results

STEP 5: Here is teer results number showing below.
Cheke teer results

Professional teer results ckekeing step

You can ckeke in our website given below step flowing_

STEP1: oppen any browser or type teerresultlive.com and press search bottom given.
Cheke teer results

STEP2: Auto not oppen to click the showing first link BELOW.
Cheke teer results

STEP 3: Click the showing top right three dot bottom.
Cheke teer results

STEP 4: AND Click the showing link today results.

Cheke teer results

STEP 5: and see today results when you scroll down.

Cheke teer results

You can go direct LINK teer results click here.

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Next one is mobile app,

How to cheke teer results in your smartphone 

Maximum 100000 people cheke teer results in smartphone mobile app. Is android app.
May be you have a smartphone you can cheke teer result using your smartphone I mean your android phone. I am telling you how is work.
  People make  android applications using her own website. How make android applications is dose in mater. You want teer result time to time. Let's get started how can you check teer results in your smartphone.

Spep 1. First of all you need on your internet connection. You can use your mobile or use you wifi.

Step2.  Oppen your play store in your smartphone, and then click to search bottom and type teer result. Choos a applications first you cheke reviews you to choos best applications, You choosed and then click install bottom. When you're applications installed and find the application and click the application icon and cheke result.

Thanks for reading our article. You can use also our website for ckekeing teer result.
Simple steps go to Google search teerresultlive.com and click the first link BELOW.